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Jarreau Vandal Special Edition

When two worlds come together, magic is created. This flavour was created together with Jarreau Vandal to celebrate the release...

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New product: Organic Kombucha Starter Kit

A few weeks ago we launched the YAYA Kombucha Starter Kit! These are exclusively available in our webshop and at our...

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Charlotte on the Boochnews Podcast

We were honoured when Ian asked us for an interview. Boochnews.com has been a great resource of all things kombucha...

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Keep dreaming, and never give up!

We’re proud to announce that YAYA Kombucha cans are now stocked in Albert Heijn to go. Available flavours: Original😋 Ginger💥...

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Surviving the quarantine with food boxes

Quarantine mode on! Like all of you, we have been confronted with the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak. We have...

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Quality management during a pandemic

We're currently experiencing Covid-19 pandemic and a lockdown. Streets have never been so quiet and terraces in Amsterdam have never...

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Join us at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2020

Exciting news! We'll be at Amsterdam Coffee Festival again this year and it's taking place on March 13-15 2020 (Postponed...

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YAYA Kombucha cocktails & mocktails

YAAY! It's the season for making an extra effort and creating special drinks. If you want to surprise and spoil...

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