Crisp Only Flavours: Circular Summer in a Can! 🍓🌞

We teamed up with the incredible team at Crisp to introduce two delicious summer flavours, now exclusively available on the Crisp app.⁣

Food waste is a significant concern, and we aimed to make a statement. Introducing Gekneusde* Aardbei + Gekneusde Framboos kombucha. (*Gekneust = Bruised)⁣

Yes, we used bruised strawberries and raspberries from Beekers berries to infuse in our kombucha. Despite their appearance, these fruits still deliver incredible taste. By repurposing them, we contribute to the fight against food waste.⁣


The result is two remarkably fruity kombucha's that even surprised us. We’re extremely proud to have been a part of this project. Grab yours now on the Crisp app!

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