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Our talk at Europe’s First Conference for Commercial Kombucha Brewers

That’s right. On the 5-6 of October 2019 we will join Europe’s first conference for commercial kombucha producers at the Kombucha Summit in Berlin. During this weekend kombucha producers from all over Europe will come together to share their experiences in the new but rapidly…

Vrijdag 23 augustus bij Aloha: Sunset Movie Night

Iedere maand organiseert Aloha Beachclub in Wijk aan Zee een gratis filmavond in samenwerking met een ‘vriend’ van Aloha! De filmavond in augustus wordt mogelijk gemaakt door YAYA Kombucha. MINDING THE GAP Rockford, Illinois ligt in het hart van de Amerikaanse Rust Belt. Wie hier…

Our ingredients

YAYA Kombucha produces SKAL organic certified kombucha made from organic green and black teas. We also use raw, unrefined organic cane sugar. Our flavored kombucha’s are made using organic and real ingredients that you can recognize when presented to you.

YAYA Kombucha is an artisanal product made with care and in small batches. There are no short cuts and we do not pasteurize our product. Therefore YAYA Kombucha is considered raw kombucha and is bursting with good bacteria.

What is kombucha?

Kombucha has been enjoyed by people across many cultures for thousands of years. In fact, anyone can make kombucha at home in their kitchen.

You may have seen somebody drinking, or you may have read it online but you still don’t know what it is. Kombucha is a naturally fermented beverage which is made with tea and sugar. Kombucha begins its process as a sweet tea to which you add a culture of bacteria and yeast. After a few weeks of fermenting, the sweet tea has become kombucha.

People drink kombucha for many reasons. We like to believe that the most important reason is its unique and delicious taste, which makes it drinkable all day long. However, some people drink it as part of a healthy diet and as an alternative to sugary sodas and alcohol.

About the brewers

Like most brewers, Tom and Charlotte began brewing kombucha in 2013 in their home in Amsterdam. And so batch after batch was made. In 2015 a decision was made to start brewing commercially and the spare bedroom became a bonafide home brewery where the flavour development and research began. One year and many tastings later the feedback was in, people loved kombucha. YAYA Kombucha was officially founded in late 2016 and early 2017 the brewery was fully operational.