Featured: NRC Handelsblad

Martine Kamsma from NRC Handelsblad decided to join one of our monthly brewery tours on a Saturday morning and wrote a spread about YAYA Kombucha.

Read the article (in Dutch) in full here. 

‘Mongol warriors drank it as an elixir of life. Fans of kombucha don't need to brew the popular fermented tea themselves anymore.’

‘At YAYA they find pasteurised kombucha to be dead kombucha. The charm, and the reason many people drink it, is precisely that living culture. Why use fermentation if you pasteurise afterwards? Then it just becomes a soft drink ”, says Tom Vollebregt.’

‘At YAYA they have already installed a tap. Charlotte Krijger, half serious, half joking: "If we all just keep asking in cafes:" Which kombucha do you have on draft? "Then it must be available everywhere one day."

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