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Our process

We have a great history and culture of brewing (craft) beer in The Netherlands. Why is the non-alcoholic industry still so uninspiring and sugary? YAYA Kombucha is on a mission to bring soda back to life. To YAYA Kombucha it’s all about the creative exploration and flavour development using the process of fermentation.

YAYA Kombucha is an artisanal product made with care and in small batches in Amsterdam. You may want to call us control-freaks as we do everything in-house. There are no short cuts in our process and we do not pasteurise our product. Therefore YAYA Kombucha is considered raw kombucha and is bursting with good bacteria. But most importantly: it tastes delicious!

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Our processes are still very similar to that of home brewing except we are relentless when it comes to good quality and consistency. Over the years we developed several techniques to create the perfect sweet and sour balance. Making kombucha is not difficult, making a very delicious kombucha every time is a science.

YAYA Kombucha produces SKAL organic certified kombucha made from organic green and black teas. It’s the combination of these high-quality loose leaf teas that create the nuanced taste with every batch. Following our recipes, we use raw, unrefined organic cane sugar to then sweeten the tea brew. Using a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY) the sweet tea is transformed into kombucha. We are proud to work according to FSSC22000 (Food Safety System Certification) as the second kombucha brewery in the world.

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In about five weeks of aerobic fermentation, allowing oxygen in, the bacteria and yeasts work their magic. Providing the perfect circumstances for wild fermentation means controlling time and temperature are essential. Weekly pH and sugar level measurements and sensory tests allow us to steer it in the right direction. Working with precision and craftsmanship, our head brewer, then blends the kombucha with fresh fruits or botanicals to its final product. Forever inspired to create the perfect balance of organic acids to present a fresh kombucha flavour with fruity and floral notes.

If it wasn’t clear, there are no (artificial) additives in our kombucha and we take great pride in that.

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