Sippin' Season: We've Hit Albert Heijn Shelves!

Hey you, grab your shopping carts 'cause we've got some big news: YAYA Kombucha and Hi-Five Ice Tea are officially hitting the aisles of Albert Heijn! Yep, you heard it right – you can now find our tasty brews in almost all AH stores.

New Kid on the Block

So where can you snag these bad boys? Head straight to the soda aisle, right next to some other fresh craft sodas and local gems. Trust us, you won't miss it – just look for the colourful labels and get ready to quench that thirst in style.

Online Outage, No Worries

Oh, and quick heads up: our webshop's taking a little siesta until May, but no need to panic! Just raid your fridge, clear out those empty spaces, and get ready to stock up on our drinks next time you hit up Albert Heijn. Let's toast to new beginnings and endless refreshment – see you in the aisles! 🥂

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