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From Amsterdam’s Central Station (or Sloterdijk Station) it’s a nice 10-minute bike ride along the IJ water to reach the YAYA Kombucha brewery. As a local producer YAYA Kombucha created a (500m2) brewery space in the heart of the city that not only makes tasty drinks, but is also open to people curious about the process of fermenting tea.

Those who’ve had a chance to visit the YAYA Kombucha brewery will remember it’s funky and inviting entrance decorated with huge mysterious 3D-knitted polyester “Radiolaria” lamps (designed by friends and designer duo Bernotat & Co) and the small bar with fresh flavours on draft. The lamps are inspired by microscopic organisms. Are they bacteria? Are they yeast cells? The team hopes to re-open its doors post-Covid and offer a new program of tours, tasting and workshops.

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The YAYA Kombucha brewery is a one of kind production location for kombucha. As the kombucha industry is relatively young there’s no standard brewing equipment. You’ll see that, even in the US where kombucha has become mainstream, brewers use very different fermentation tools and techniques.

We have worked together with an ex-Heineken welder and designed a large tea brewing installation for our kombucha. It’s unique in the world. It brews up to 3,000L of sweet tea a day which is then mixed with the house culture of bacteria and yeasts.

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At YAYA Kombucha sweet tea is fermented in large vessels in a temperature-controlled fermentation area. The fermentation room looks like a very, very big wardrobe closet with sliding doors and gives you a bit of an Alice in Wonderland vibe. After about 5 weeks of wild fermentation, using a SCOBY, the sweet tea has turned into kombucha and is then mixed with fresh ingredients like ginger juice and hops to create the different kombucha flavours.

When this process is completed the product is being filled with the help of a full-automatic filling machine. After packaging YAYA Kombucha is ready to be shipped to cafes, restaurants and stores or, directly to your doorstep.

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yaya kombucha background visual