Our (Winter) Limited Edition kombucha is here!

Now available, the first limited edition of 2023: YAYA Kombucha Ginger Spice!

This kombucha is made with Peruvian ginger juice, lime juice and a winter spice mix that includes all-spice, cloves & cinnamon.

Expect a kombucha with a refreshing flavour with a slight spicy kick from the ginger and a hint of warmth from the winter spices. 


Get it here!

Perfect to enjoy on its own or serve with ice cubes and freshly sliced ginger to make the perfect drink to kick-off 2023.

Get it now while stocks last! Ginger Spice is now be available in our web shop, but you can expect to find it at Crisp, Sterk, Bierbaum soon! More names to follow. 

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