Rhubarb: The taste of Dutch Summer.

Now available, the 2022 version of Rhubarb, made with locally picked rhubarb! 


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Our (other) Summer Seasonal is back! This version was made possible by Peter in the Hoeksche Waard, which lies just below Rotterdam. The rhubarb grown here is not only tart, but much fruitier and sweeter than the variety we used for the limited edition #5 in 2021, and is called "Raspberry Red". You can easily pick up on the raspberry flavour which also makes this edition so special.

The Raspberry Red variety is deep red in colour and has a nice gradient from red to pink and green. Each stem is unique and beautiful just to look at. We have photographed some of the most beautiful crops on Peter's field for you.

The harvest is between April and June (the longest day of the year means the end of the harvest season). Each plant is left with about 5 leaves to allow it to regain strength for the next year. 

The stalks are then pressed to juice and then frozen for storage. After defrosting the rhubarb juice, we add it according to recipe into the final product: YAYA Kombucha Rhubarb. 


rabarber dichtbij

When we visited Peter in the Hoeksche Waard in June, he explained how he began growing rhubarb two years prior and he was very amazed with the results so far. His farm is bio-dynamic which means that no pesticides are used and his biggest challenge is grass and wild camomille, which likes to grow in between paths. 🌼 ps - We made sure to pick enough for tea at home :-)

"We need to pick the weed everyday or else it they will take over the entire farm" - Peter laughs. 

Peter also told us about the ups and downs of organic farming. Raspberry Red often gives lower yields (or profit) but the flavour is much better, he explains. And, we agree!

The stalk is firm and can become quite thick, and is broken off and harvested by hand piece by piece. So indeed, on your knees and off you go! 

Charlotte: "We all know the rhubarb compote and pies and jams of the past, but you can do so much more with it. This organic rhubarb is a perfect flavour in a refreshing drink."    

Cheers to a beautiful Dutch summer! 

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