Pink Elderflower 2022 is here!! 🌸🌸

We’re super excited to announce that our 2022 version of Pink Elderflower is now available. The flowers are sourced from the same location (in Zeeland) as in 2021 and they were just as fragrant as we remembered. 

If you remember we sold out our entire batch in 3 weeks’ time, which is insane. But also a shame, because we had to wait a full year to be able to produce it again. So we had to disappoint some of you.

The good news is that we decided to make twice as much as in 2021. This way we can (hopefully) offer it for a bit longer than 3 weeks :-)

Pink Elderflower will be available in our web shop, but also at Crisp, Sterk, Bierbaum, The Loft (on draft, in Maastricht) and Gimsel. We are also excited to share that Pink Elderflower will be available in London at Planet Organic! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

 We hope that you get to try it soon. It’s our favourite by far and our most “special” flavour.



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