Limited Edition #8: Passion Fruit + Citra Hops


We’re back with another rendition of our Passion fruit + Hops series!! This time around we featured organic Citra hop! Made specifically for hop lovers that also like to stay sober. 

Get it now!

Citra hop is loved by beer and non-beer brewers alike for its amazing flavour. As the name suggests Citra offers wave after wave of grapefruit, lime and mandarin as well as tropical fruit notes. If a hop could be a superstar then Citra is definitely it.

And we have to say… The end result is pretty awesome!! 

Previous renditions of this flavour included Passion fruit + Mosaic Hops and
Passion fruit + Amarillo Hops. Which each had different notes and subtle
differences. Which hop should we feature next? Ideas are welcome.

Passion Fruit + Citra hops is now available at Crisp and the YAYA Kombucha online store. Other stockists include: The Loft (on draft!! Maastricht) Bierbaum (Amsterdam), Tjins Toko (Amsterdam), Sterk (Amsterdam). Cafe t' Kanon (on draft!! Gent BE). More names to follow. 


Previous Limited Editions

Before we introduced Citra Hop (#1 2017), Yuzu (#2 2019), Passion Fruit & Mosaic Hop (#3 2021), Pink Elderflower (#4 2021), Rhubarb (#5 2021) and Passion Fruit & Amarillo Hops (#6 2021). Grapefruit + Juniper (#7 2022). Citra Hop became our fourth core range flavour, and was updated last year to 'Hops' using four American type of hops. Yuzu also became a core range flavour (the fifth) because of its very popular aromatic, zesty flavour. Did you know both of these flavours were awarded with a Great Taste Award in 2020 and 2021

In the Summer of 2020 we also launched a collaboration with Jarreau Vandal celebrating his album launch. This mango passionfruit, hops kombucha was inspired by NEIPA-style hazy beers. This Special Edition is another take on the New England IPA.


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