Limited Edition 2021: Rhubarb

Yeah it’s here! Our newest Limited Edition #5 Rhubarb. This season's special, made using locally sourced rhubarb, brings a tangy flavour and a beautiful rosé colour. Rhubarb will be exclusively available in cans.



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Rhubarb is an unusual vegetable because it's very sour and slightly sweet. In fact, it's easily mistaken for a fruit. Did you know this is our first flavour with a vegetable? It is also rich in antioxidants, particularly anthocyanins (which give it its red color) and polyphenols (responsible for creating the sour flavour and tannins).

Rhubarb is the perfect marriage between our kombucha and cold pressed rhubarb juice. We added a bit of organic lemon juice to help brighten the flavour.

This drink is deliciously refreshing and brings that unmistakable tartness of rhubarb. It’s extremely refreshing and is the taste of summer.

Where was this rhubarb sourced?

The rhubarb was sourced from an organic farmer called Huib Rijk located in Biddinghuizen. Due to the cold spring this year, the Rhubarb season was extremely short (just 1 month). After the harvest it was cold pressed juiced.

Rhubarb has a peak moment in its development and maturity this can occur in a matter of days. So we kept close contact with the farmer to make sure that harvest took place when the flavour and colour reached its peak. 

We love the idea of using locally sourced ingredients because it allows us to create something unique and a flavour that can't be replicated anywhere else. 

 Keep this in mind as you pour this beautiful rosé kombucha in a glass filled with ice with a slice of ginger. Enjoyyy!

Exclusive partnerships

Rhubarb will be available at and the YAYA Kombucha online store. Also available at Bierbaum (Amsterdam), Tjins Toko (Amsterdam), Sterk (Amsterdam), Lot61 (Amsterdam), Gollem (Amsterdam), Moss (Antwerpen) and Shokudo (Utrecht). More names to follow. 


Previous Limited Editions

Before we introduced Citra Hop (#1 2017), Yuzu (#2 2019), Passion Fruit & Mosaic Hop (#3 2021) and Pink Elderflower (#4 2021). Citra Hop became our fourth core range flavour, and was updated last year to 'Hops' using four American type of hops. Yuzu also became a core range flavour (the fifth) because of its very popular aromatic, zesty flavour. Did you know both of these flavours were awarded with a Great Taste Award in 2020

Last Summer we also launched a collaboration with Jarreau Vandal celebrating his album launch. This mango passionfruit, hops kombucha was inspired by NEIPA-style hazy beers. This Special Edition is another take on the New England IPA.

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