Winning at the Great Taste Awards 2020

Recognized as a reliable stamp of excellence among consumers, retailers and major food buyers alike we’re very proud of being amongst the 2020 great taste winners.

Out of 12,777 products sent in from 106 different countries our Hops and Yuzu have each won a Great Taste award!⁣⁣

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Here’s what the tasters had to say about these flavours. ⁣⁣

Hops 2 stars: “Pale straw-coloured opaque drink with gentle hops on the nose. Bright and refreshing, with a gentle effervescence and a dry hop finish, this kombucha is well-balanced and well-rounded in flavour. Really enjoyable.”⁣⁣

Yuzu 1 star: “I love this aroma and I applaud that yuzu has been used. It’s a great flavour idea. On the palate, the drink is delicately citrus with a gentle yeastiness that kombuchas should have but which is often sadly missing these days. It’s not sweet, which is commendable and it has genuine flavour rather than synthetic. Over all, this drink has a balanced taste that feels ‘not messed around’ with. This is a well made kombucha.”

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