Yuzu Kombucha of YAYA Kombucha. Kombucha uit Amsterdam

We proudly present Yuzu. This is our new kombucha of green and black tea with 100% organic Japanese yuzu juice. A yuzu is a Japanese citrus, round like a mandarin, yellow like a lemon. In comparing with a lemon, the citrus has a thick skin, lots of seeds and little juice. This small amount of juice is extremely aromatic, fresh and fits perfectly in our kombucha.

An ideal ingredient as it seems, except for the fact that fresh yuzu juice is nowhere to be found in Europe. Our head brewer Tom didn't give up on his yuzu obsession and he managed to import it directly from the Japanese source.

This new flavour is the first kombucha from our new brewery in the Houthavens of Amsterdam. After moving twice, we finally have our own kettles, our own filling line and maximum control of our processes. With YAYA Kombucha Yuzu we celebrate the opening of our new brewery. Keep an eye out for our upcoming programme with brewery tours, tastings, workshops etc.

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  • Jeremy Kofoed
    • Jeremy Kofoed

    Do you sell in Canada and where please


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