SCOBY Fashion with Emma van der Leest. In the brewery of YAYA Kombucha.

This week, the Dutch Design Week takes place in Eindhoven. For the past couple of months we've welcomed biodesigner Emma van der Leest in our brewery to set up some large scale experiments which she will present during the DDW.

Following the works of pioneer Suzanne Lee, Emma is working on the development of a microbial leather. A ‘vegetal’ fabric, which is grown with the help of fungi and yeasts.


This Thursday she will explain more about the development of this microbioal leather on VPRO TV show Toekomstbouwers. You can tune in for the Toekomstbouwers on Thursday October 24th - 22:45, npo2 for an introduction on Emma, her love for the SCOBY and some sneak peeks into our brewery (including our famous brewer Kevin!).


Curious about Emma and her projects?
Biodesigner Emma van der Leest designs with nature, fermentation and all that is small and living. She recently opened a microbial vending machine where you can buy all sorts of starting cultures and fungi. Her aim is to shake up the fashion industry. Not only does she grow fabrics from microorganism - instead of using animals, Emma is also developing a water repellent (fungal!) coating. You can visit the Dutch Design Week this week for some first samples and tests (she is also creating beautiful flavo-bacterial colors with Ivan Henrique which you can check out here). And mark your calendar: the result of this research will be presented at MU Artspace in Eindhoven by the end of November (opening date will follow).


(Credits headerphoto: Blue City Lab)

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