YAYA Kombucha in de Keuringsdienst van Waarde

YAYA Kombucha was featured on De keuringsdienst van waarde, a popular tv show in The Netherlands. This show is all about finding out where our food comes from, who produces it and which methods they use.

As kombucha is becoming more popular in The Netherlands, most people still don't know what it actually is. Also, the lack of regulation means that any drink can be labeled "kombucha", even when it has nothing to do with fermented tea.

So, the keuringsdienst van waarde visited our brewery to find out what real kombucha is and how we produce it. The presenter, Rens Polman had never seen a kombucha scoby before and came to find out whether the rumours are true about kombucha. And if it indeed is healthy for you. While there is no hard evidence, our own study has concluded that the bacteria in YAYA Kombucha are successful in reaching the gut. Have a look at the video below. We had a great time during the shoot and we think that the item is super informative and fun.

Watch below!

Ps. This is isn't the first time that YAYA Kombucha was on TV. We were previously featured on Binnestebuiten.

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