2021 Great Taste Awards Results
YAYA Kombucha wins at the Great Taste Awards 2021

We’re absolutely thrilled to have won the coveted Great Taste Award for a second time around! YAYA Kombucha received four 1-star awards for our core range flavours Original, Ginger, Yuzu and Hops.

Sadly, due to the early entry dates we were unable to enter our limited edition kombucha flavours.

Here is what the judges had to say....


YAYA Kombucha Original (1-star)

A delicately flavoured, just sparkling kombucha. A good balance of the tea flavours with some sweetness. A delicate and refreshing, clean tasting drink.

This light and super refreshing drink is an absolute delight. The combination of teas is charming - the jasmine is delicate and subtle whilst the overall flavour profile is elegant and sophisticated.

This is a well-balanced kombucha, bright, light and with a lively but not dominating tang. Cleverly made and a good addition to the range of kombuchas.


YAYA Kombucha Ginger (1-star) 

A very lightly sparkling kombucha with a beautiful pale gold colour. A lovely balance of tea and ginger, giving a wonderfully balanced finish. A lovely example of a flavoured kombucha, which would be delicious enjoyed on its own or mixed with other drinks.

Pronounced tickle of ginger on the nose. Excellent clean and defined flavour of ginger enhanced by the beery kombucha notes. The level of ginger is spot on bringing both flavour and heat. We love that this isn't too sweet. Good fizz, hugely refreshing.


YAYA Kombucha Yuzu (1-star) 

Gently sparkling and with an appealing haze. With the yuzu adding fragrance as well as zing, this is bright, sparkling, clean and refreshing - a perfect pick-me-up. We really loved this and it gave us a real boost in the middle of our judging.

Lovely sparkling golden appearance, slightly cloudy. The aroma is quite sweet, notes of honey initially. Fresh, citrus flavour with notes of Yuzu.


YAYA Kombucha Hops (1-star)

What a gorgeous hoppy, almost lychee aroma your Kombucha has, and as soon as we taste, the hops hit our palate immediately, followed by fruity lychees. The light carbonation is spot on and complements the chosen ingredients. It is light, clean and precise.

A pale golden kombucha, with plenty of bubbles and an interesting nose with soft, hoppy notes. An intriguing balance of aromatic tea flavours and the hops. An unusual and interesting balance of flavours that judges greatly enjoyed and felt was very skilfully executed.

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