Limited Edition 2021: Passion Fruit & Mosaic Hops

Today we've released our third limited edition kombucha, Passion Fruit & Mosaic Hops. Which will be exclusively available in cans.


YAYA Kombucha Passion Fruit & Mosaic Hops

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As the name suggests, this kombucha is made using organic passion fruit and has been dry-hopped using organic Mosaic hops. It packs a delicious tropical flavour and has a long lingering hoppy finish that keeps you wanting more. 

We're big fans of Mosaic hop which is also known as 'the papaya hop', with flavour notes such as papaya, blossoms, blueberry, rose & tangerine. You may find it being used in your favourite IPA as it is a favourite among brewers. For this product we used exclusively organic Mosaic hop from Yakima Chief (USA). 

The passion fruit and Mosaic hop complement each other really well and enhance each other's flavour profiles to create a beautiful and unique kombucha, and we love it! 

Exclusive partnerships

Passion fruit & Mosaic hops will be available at, Hendrix (Amsterdam), Cafe Cómodo (Amsterdam), Sterk (Amsterdam), Bierbaum (Amsterdam). De Kromme Haring (Utrecht), Pepita Deli (Maastricht).


Previous Limited Editions

Before we introduced Citra Hop (#1 2017) and Yuzu (#2 2019). Citra Hop became our fourth core range flavour, and was updated last year to 'Hops' using four American type of hops. Yuzu also became a core range flavour (the fifth) because of its very popular aromatic, zesty flavour. Did you know both of these flavours were awarded with a Great Taste Award in 2020

Last Summer we also launched a collaboration with Jarreau Vandal celebrating his album launch. This mango passionfruit, hops kombucha was inspired by NEIPA-style hazy beers. This Special Edition is another take on the New England IPA.

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