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Like so many of you, we are absolutely horrified by the war in Ukraine and can't stop thinking aboutĀ those who fled their homes or still find themselves inĀ an unsafeĀ situation.Ā 

If you love our kombucha, please consider also ordering the 'Support Ukraine box'. All of theĀ sales this week (March 7-14 March) we will donate to Giro 555.


Although I have never had a chance to travel to Ukraine, the country is always a part of my story when I tell peopleĀ about kombucha's history.

Kombucha originates from a tea producing country (probably China). Over timeĀ the same people who also love to make other fermented drinks like kefir and kvass adopted it. You've guessed it right... Ukrainians.

When youĀ travel or move abroad for a longer time you'll want to bring something ofĀ your culture with you. And for a lot of people food = home. It's by travel and, unfortunately forced travel because of WOII, that the culture of kombucha eventually arrived in the US and became the commercial (meaning not home brewed)Ā version of kombucha we know of as today.

Thank you to everyone for your support, let's drink lot's of kombucha this week and make this a succes!Ā 

Much love,

All of us at YAYA.


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