Our last bottles of Hops!

Twice already our Hops variant was awarded with a Great Taste Award (2020 and 2021) and is a favourite with many! Because the demand for this flavour is mainly in cans, we have decided not to produce the bottle version any more.

This way we can guarantee a fresh product with sufficient shelf life upon delivery. And, we avoid unnecessary waste. We have also noticed that the hops retain their flavour better and longer if they are not exposed to daylight. Just like with beers, cans keep kombucha 'hoppy' or fruity, floral and with a tiny bit of bitterness.

We are NOT changing our recipe. Actually we LOVE to work with hops and we will explain why later on...

Get it while you can!

We are selling our last batch of bottles and wanted to let you know you can get them at a great discount while stocks last. The canned version will be available, also after bottles sell out.

Order your bottles here! 

Why we love hops

We started experimenting with hops in 2017 and it's when we launched our first limited edition 'Citra Hops'. Because of it's popularity we decided to add it as a fourth flavour to our core range.

In 2020, due to the increasing popularity of American hops, we decided to make a small adjustment to the recipe of the YAYA Kombucha Citra Hop product. The product now contains a blend of 4 different American hop varieties and the the name was changed to YAYA Kombucha Hops. That just about covers the charge better. We find it an upgrade of this flavour and you can taste that.

For our limited editions (#3 and #4) we loved working with Mosaic and Amarillo hops in combination with Passion Fruit. The passion fruit and hops complement each other really well and enhance each other's flavour profiles to create a beautiful and unique kombucha, and we love it! If you've missed don't worry. We might just have another one lined up for 2022 ;-)

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