NEW! Home Brew Kit

New product alert: The Home Brew Kit is now available in our webshop! You heard it right. Everything that you need to get started with brewing kombucha at home, just add water!

Brewing kombucha at home has become a very popular hobby during the pandemic. And we’ve received a lot of questions from you about where to buy glass jars, cheesecloths etc. So why not make this current lockdown a bit more fun and healthier and start brewing kombucha today!  Give it a try yourself, or send it to a friend as a gift!

The Home Brew Kit contains everything that we use in the brewery, so your kombucha should be as good if not better than ours. Your creativity is the only limitation! 

The Home Brew Kit contents:

  • 100ml of liquid kombucha starter*
  • A SCOBY*
  • 5 grams of our YAYA Kombucha tea blend* (green and black tea)
  • 60 grams of our YAYA Kombucha cane sugar*
  • pH indicator strips
  • Glass fermentation jar for 2,5L
  • Cheese cloth with elastic band
  • A detailed English and Dutch manual on how to brew kombucha

*Organic ingredients

We're always available to answer questions and provide support regarding all things home brewing – just DM us on Instagram or send us an email at

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