If you buy kombucha in our shop it is not dangerous. When you prepare it yourself, you have to use the correct preparation. Because kombucha is a raw, "living" drink, it needs to be prepared the proper way. Kombucha is made through fermentation. Bacteria and yeasts are involved in the process. It is important to create the right environment for fermenting your tea into kombucha:
  • Basic hygiene, clean brewing materials, clean fermentation area (not a dusty closet or attic)
  • Presence of sugar
  • Presence of oxygen
  • Ambient temperature of about 19-21 degrees (room temperature)
  • Low acidity (4.0 pH or lower) by adding enough starter liquid

The low acidity is especially important for the safety of the drink when you make it at home. It is best to keep the acidity below 4.0 pH so that no unwanted fungi or bacteria develop in the kombucha. After the fermentation process, the acidity will decrease, given the culture of the sugars that is converted into acids. This acidification ensures that your drink remains healthy and is safe to drink! But be careful not to get the drink too sour. Then it becomes a vinegar-like drink, which you can use in salad dressings, sauces or, for example, to cook fish (ceviche).

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Is kombucha dangerous when you are pregnant?

It is a personal choice whether you drink YAYA Kombucha during your pregnancy or when you are breastfeeding. One person avoids it, while another consciously drinks kombucha. If you have drunk YAYA Kombucha before and you feel good about it, you could keep doing this. If you have never drunk YAYA Kombucha and would like to try it, you could start with small amounts. And when in doubt, it is best to ask your doctor or medical expert for advice.

Do you brew kombucha yourself? Make sure that there may be a small percentage of alcohol in it due to the fermentation of the sugar. This is less suitable for pregnant women.