With our kombucha starter you can make kombucha from your kitchen! Making kombucha yourself has never been easier. We do it every day in our brewery and are happy to share our experiences with you. That is why we have put together a kombucha starter set for you. This set contains:

  • 100 ml liquid kombucha starter
  • A certified organic SCOBY
  • A detailed English and Dutch manual on how to brew a basic kombucha

Do you want to make kombucha at home? Then this package contains enough kombucha starter to make 1 liter of kombucha at home. Do you want to make more kombucha? Then you can start over with your home-brewed kombucha and make a larger amount.

You can easily make kombucha yourself. Follow the next few steps in making kombucha:

  1. Making kombucha starts with brewing strong, sweet tea.
  2. Add a SCOBY and starter liquid (sour kombucha) to the tea. This creates the perfect composition of yeasts and bacteria.
  3. During fermentation, the yeast and bacteria cultures convert with the help of sugars into acids and aromas.
  4. Leave the fermentation at room temperature for 10-20 days.

The kombucha is ready after about two weeks.

How does kombucha ferment?

The fermentation of kombucha starts as soon as the kombucha culture comes into contact with sweet tea at room temperature. A kombucha culture contains live bacteria and yeasts. The bacteria are mainly acetic acid bacteria and also, but to a lesser extent, lactic acid bacteria. The yeasts are wild yeasts.

The kombucha culture uses the sugars in the tea that are converted into acid (acetic, glucuron and lactic acid), aromas, carbonic acid, cellulosic material (SCOBY) and a small amount of alcohol (about 0.3% or less).

When making kombucha yourself, it is important that you let the kombucha ferment at room temperature for 10 to 20 days. Small bubbles of carbon dioxide may form during fermentation. In addition, the SCOBY will start to form on the surface of the drink. Kombucha is made in a glass vase or in a food-safe container.

The kombucha culture is aerobic, which means that bacteria and yeasts need oxygen to ferment. It is therefore important never to close the fermentation vase with a lid, but with a cheesecloth. This allows enough oxygen to ferment properly. Fermentation works best in an acidic environment and at room temperature (about 25-30 degrees). The fermentation takes about two weeks, after which the acidity of the kombucha reaches 3.5 - 2.5 pH.