If you buy kombucha in our online shop, you can be assured that it's safe for consumption. However, when you make kombucha at home we strongly advise you to read and follow the instruction manual before you start. Kombucha is made by fermenting tea, sugar and water and a culture of bacteria and yeasts. Therefore it is considered a 'living' drink. In order to make a healthy and good tasting kombucha, you need to create the right environmental factors. These are:

  • Presence of sugar
  • Presence of oxygen
  • Ambient temperature of about 19-21 degrees (room temperature)
  • Low acidity (< 4pH)

A starting low acidity is very important when you decide to brew kombucha at home and a pH 4,0 or below will keep unwanted mould or bacteria from growing in your kombucha. As the fermentation progresses, the pH will begin to lower with each day, making the kombucha increasingly sour. A healthy kombucha culture will have a pleasant aroma as well as fresh apple-like flavour and it will be safe to drink. 

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Can you drink kombucha when pregnant?

Kombucha is a 'raw' product. In the preparation process of kombucha fermentation takes place by means of a live bacteria and yeast culture. Alcohol formation also takes place during this fermentation. The amount of alcohol varies but is usually around 0,5% or less and can vary by brand. YAYA Kombucha contains 0,15% alcohol. For this reason some people decide not to drink it when pregnant, while others chose to drink it because of the live culture. In the end it is a personal decision.