If you are going to make kombucha from tea, it is best to use the following teas: green, black, white or oolong tea. Yet it is also possible to make kombucha from other teas, such as rooibos. The kombucha from YAYA Kombucha is made from a mix of organic green and black tea. YAYA Kombucha also offers different flavors in the shop.

Why is tea used for kombucha?

Kombucha is an ancient drink. In the history of kombucha you will also come across beautiful stories about the relationship between tea and kombucha. China is often mentioned in these stories as the land of the discovery of kombucha. Not surprising, because China is also the country where tea was discovered.

Throughout history, that tradition has hardly changed. However, kombucha is now not only made on the basis of green tea, but also on the basis of other types of tea.

Tea isn't the only ingredient in the process of making kombucha. YAYA Kombucha also offers different organic flavors in the shop. We make these flavors by adding fresh fruit juice and herbs to the basic kombucha. For example, our Ginger Kombucha contains one shot of cold-pressed ginger juice per bottle, and we add blueberries and peppermint to our blueberry kombucha flavor. For more information about our flavors you can view all products in our shop!

Which tea not to use for kombucha?

When you start making kombucha yourself, it is not recommended to use herbal tea or any other form of tea that does not come from camellia sinensis plant. Think, for example, of ginger "tea", rooibos "tea" or liquorice "tea". Why not you might think now? This is because real tea must be used to initiate the unique fermentation process that involves bacteria and yeast.