Kombucha is available in different flavours. You will find them all in our shop. What kombucha tastes like depends on which kombucha you drink. Basically, kombucha has a fresh, sweet and sour taste with an apple-like aroma and it often contains a bit of bubbles. Therefore, the taste is generally compared to apple cider.

YAYA Kombucha currently offers these flavours:

What does kombucha taste like?

Kombucha is made from tea, sugar and a live kombucha culture. Kombucha has a sweet and sour kombucha balanced flavour, with apple and floral tones. The drink is suitable for any time of the day. Flavours are added to the kombucha to give it a different flavour like, ginger or blueberry.

Can you give kombucha a different flavour?

You can easily give our kombucha a different flavour by adding a flavour. For example, you can add fruits or herbs to vary in flavour. Order kombucha easily and quickly in our shop and enjoy this delicious drink in no time!