You can buy YAYA Kombucha at various coffee bars, lunchrooms and (web)shops in the Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal. You can also find YAYA Kombucha in organic stores like EkoplazaOdin. And in (online) supermarkets like Albert Heijn To Go, Crisp throughout the Netherlands, and Sterk Amsterdam. It is also available at coffee shops, lunchrooms and restaurants like Coffee Company, 30mL and Spirit. You can also buy YAYA Kombucha online. Take a look at our shop to order for the Netherlands or Belgium (region Vlaanderen or Brussels).

When did kombucha come to Amsterdam?

Kombucha is becoming more and more popular. However, people have been drinking it for hundreds of years. As far back as 221 BC, the Chinese documented the existence of the drink. It was not until much later that kombucha became known in the West. In the 1960s, many hippies brewed and drank kombucha and giving it its nickname "hippie tea". In 1995, Americans founded the first commercial kombucha brand in the US. Since then, kombucha has grown its popularity and offering around the world. The hype came to Amsterdam a couple of years ago, around 2017. YAYA Kombucha produces their kombucha in-house in their brewery in Amsterdam.

Where is the kombucha brewery in Amsterdam?

The YAYA Kombucha brewery is located near the center of Amsterdam. From Amsterdam Central Station (or Sloterdijk station) you can cycle along the IJ river to the YAYA Kombucha brewery within 10 minutes. As a local producer, the YAYA Kombucha brewery (500m2) is located in the heart of the city. In our brewery, in addition to brewing kombucha, we are also open to people who are curious about the fermentation process of our kombucha. When you order kombucha from the webshop, you can also select local pickup to come by our brewery for your order!

The YAYA Kombucha brewery is a unique production location of kombucha in Europe. Since the kombucha industry is relatively young, there is no standard brewing equipment. That is why every kombucha brewery uses its own, unique fermentation methods and techniques.

Kombucha online

You can easily buy the kombucha in the store in Amsterdam. You can also buy kombucha online, where we offer different flavors. What makes it even better is that we deliver the same day (on weekdays) everywhere in the Netherlands. You can order the following flavors via YAYA Kombucha:

Do you find it difficult to make a choice? Then our mix package may be the solution. You will get all the flavors at home! Read more about what kombucha is, how it is made.