Welcome to the team Roos & Nick!

2018 was and is a year of growth and expansion in the wonderful world of kombucha. To keep up with demand we have increased our team! Welcome to the team Nick Schluter and Rosalie Bak!

Q & A between Nick and Rosalie.

Rosalie (YAYA Kombucha Operations)

Nick: You got a (secret) love for bacteria and fungy. Do or did you ever give them a name? If so, please name one.

Roos: I tend to anthropomorphise many things in my surroundings. I can easily feel sadness for a chair with a broken leg and indeed named two of my plants; Frits - who has a wild hairdo, and Philiph junior - who is the descendant of a plant the used to be part of my plant crew, but sadly died due to fungal problems (how ironic!). However, I never name my micro-organisms. My guess is that I unlearned this quickly when I had to converse with scientist in the lab. They look at you funny when you shorten schizophyllum commune 4.39 for Schizy.

Nick: Is there a thing you can’t live without?

Roos: Object wise - a notebook and pen. I am a paper lover by heart. Still using the old agenda to document my whereabouts. There is a different sense of remembering when I put things on paper. Or perhaps I’m just old-fashioned. I love Japanese paper. This has a smoothness and delicacy that goes great with one of my favourite pens; a gel-tec C3. Non-object wise I’m a sucker for cuddling with friends.

Nick: What gives you the feeling of home?

Roos: I feel most at home, when I feel at home in body.

Nick: Lemon or lime?

Roos: Oof! I would never have guessed that this would be a heard questions! But I’m going for lemon. Great for tea, kombucha, and many of my favourite great dishes.

Nick (YAYA Kombucha Sales & Communication)

Roos: Being a true kombucha fan and home brewer; what step in the kombucha-making-process do you look forward to the most?

Nick: Kombucha brewing as a whole is a magical and truly happy-making proces. However, I love the transition of the first to the second fermentation. This is where the magic happens. Not only is this the moment to create your favourite flavours and to be creative, it also creates this natural fizzy, bubbly phenomena called carbonation.

Roos: Summer is nearly over.. What fall-ish thing do you, as a brand new citizen of Amsterdam you hope to be doing in the city in the upcoming months?

Nick: Biking, as much as I can. I’ve been away for one and a half jaar and I really missed my bike. Biking in Amsterdam is so nice, because you see and experience a different part of the city every few km’s.

Roos: What’s your favourite dish you never make?

Nick: Indian food. I can make a proper naan bread, but I leave the crazy curries to the Indians.

Roos: Sourdough baking or brewing kombucha?

Nick: At the moment: bread. Because there’s still so much room for improvement

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