Upcoming kombucha workshop dates!

Please join us of the upcoming kombucha workshop(s) this November!!

Our last workshop marathon at Sterk during 24hrs West has made one thing clear. The love for kombucha is only getting bigger and more apparent. Hidden inside Sterk's storage room we tried to fit as many people as possible and hosted 5 back to back workshops with over a hundred enthusiastic to-be homebrewers. Similar to our previous workshop at FesTeaval this year.

To keep up the momentum we have two dates lined up with November. So sign up now while spots are still available.

Upcoming workshop dates in November:
  • Saturday, November 10 - workshop at Dille & Kamille in Amersfoort. (link)
  • Sunday, November 25 - workshop at Juniper & Kin Amsterdam (a restaurant and bar where circularity is the main goal) One or more workshops will be facilitated by us on the 21st floor of the QO Hotel, combined with a drink, a bite and a stunning view.

Do you want to join one of our upcoming workshops? Please send an email to nick@yayakombucha.com.

As brewers and kombucha fans, it's our mission to pass along our experience and inspire people to start brewing kombucha at home. During the workshop, we will cover the rich history of kombucha, its benefits and why people drink it. While you enjoy a bottle of YAYA Kombucha we'll give you all the tools needed for you to start brewing kombucha at home. This covers the recipe, the equipment and how to flavour and store your kombucha. After this workshop, you should feel confident and comfortable to start your life as a kombucha home brewer. Brewing delicious kombucha for you and your friend and family. As you now possess the basics you can start to create new flavour combinations and making your own fizzy kombucha right at home.

We hope to see you there!


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