Our first (hand-made) campaign went live, and we couldn't be more proud!
This summer we launched a citywide campaign in Amsterdam. The campaign was visible on the famous Dutch “peperbussen”, which are electrical houses mainly found in the city center. To make things more interesting, the design was completely handmade. Kombucha is a unique drink, with a rich history and culture, therefore, we needed a unique campaign to reflect this. The history of kombucha can be traced back to China, Mongolia, Russia and the hippie era in the USA. As a result, different cultures and people have each contributed to making kombucha what it is today. Our campaign consists of different colourful patterns to reflect the rich history of kombucha. One crazy mix and match. The artisanal nature of kombucha is also very important to us so our campaign is completely handmade, or old school cut and paste. Special shout out to Meneer de Zwart for making this campaign possible. Photography and styling by Janneke and Doru. - Tom

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