We released our ginger kombucha ice cream pack!

Today we released our ginger kombucha ice cream pack and it’s 100% circular and made with our "waste".

Please let us elaborate. Cold pressed ginger juice is added to our kombucha to flavour it, which then becomes GINGER flavour that you know and love.

The part you probably don't know is that ginger "falls" to the bottom leaving a brownish liquid behind that we never use. Why? Because it’s too murky for our product, but still tastes amazing.

We met Michel from De IJsmakerij , who's an absolute genius in creating ice cream. He sources his milk in Amsterdam Noord at a sustainable farm and uses solar energy to power his ice cream making machines. How cool is that?!

Together we created 2 ice creams using the “brown ginger kombucha” which we would normally throw away - a classic ice cream with caramel and a (vegan) sorbet with lemon.

You can try both options now at Lala IJs, Sterk Avondverkoop and 10-11-12 August at Vegan Food Festival (sorbet only) in Westerpark at the Sticky Fingers stand. More locations to follow.

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