New product: Organic Kombucha Starter Kit

A few weeks ago we launched the YAYA Kombucha Starter Kit! These are exclusively available in our webshop and at our long-time partner Ekoplaza organic stores. We are thrilled to have a leader in the organic retail support kombucha community culture.

Did you know that YAYA Kombucha began with a similar starter? Over the years, that small scoby has grown and found its way into each YAYA Kombucha product since 2017! We had planned to host several kombucha workshops in our brewery this spring, but we had to cancel due to the pandemic. Despite the cancellation of our monthly brewery tour and workshops, we still wanted to share the world of kombucha with you. And if we can’t welcome you into our brewery, we will bring kombucha brewing to you!

This organic YAYA Kombucha Starter contains our ‘house culture’ (SCOBY + starter liquid) and a manual (Dutch and English), which can help you get started brewing your own kombucha at home. The kit contains enough for 1 liter of kombucha. After finishing your first batch you can flavour your kombucha to drink, and save a little to brew a new batch. Or you can use your freshly fermented 1 liter of kombucha as a starter for a much bigger batch.

For the future, we hope to offer tutorials, tasting sessions and hopefully soon we can host you in our brewery for a workshop! But until then, you can experience the magic of fermentation by making your own kombucha with our new YAYA Kombucha Starter Kit.

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