Keep dreaming, and never give up!

We’re proud to announce that YAYA Kombucha cans are now stocked in Albert Heijn to go. Available flavours: Original😋 Ginger💥 and Yuzu🍋 ...But this didn't happen overnight.

When we were still researching YAYA Kombucha in 2016, our main idea was always to make the best tasting kombucha, without shortcuts* and make it accessible to everyone. This was our dream for this product and in the following years, we worked meticulously at it to make this a reality.

At that time few people had ever heard of kombucha in The Netherlands, and some people thought we were crazy to give up our well-paying jobs to pursue this dream. In 2017, we began the long journey of realising the dream. With little money, but with hard work, creativity and teamwork we started to turn our dream into a reality.

Our partnership with AH to go has realised our dream. This partnership allows for a large group of people that normally only sees the "regular sodas" to be exposed to kombucha, and start to learn about this amazing beverage. Being able to share a shelf with these established brands makes us especially proud.

In these times, we are all confronted that life can change at any time and we have to accept, adjust and sometimes even reinvent ourselves. And that can be very hard to do.

I hope that this can be an example how a crazy idea can become a reality if you work at it. So my only tip is, never give up and never let go of your dreams!!

Special thanks to everyone at YAYA Kombucha, Meneer de Zwart, FIH Fotografie, Duivelseiland foto + film, POW Comms and Jochem.


*To us making kombucha without shortcuts is a kombucha made from actual tea, organic & real ingredients, no aroma's or natural flavourings, naturally fermented and aged, raw and not pasteurised.


Fotografie: FIH Fotografie

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