YAYA Kombucha cocktails & mocktails!

YAAY! It’s the season for making an extra effort and creating special drinks. If you want to suprise and spoil your guests with a YAYA Kombucha cocktail or non-alcoholic mocktail here are some ideas.

Have you made your own creation? Please share so we can add it to this article 🙂

Pink Kombucha mocktail

1 splash forest fruits syrup
60ml YAYA Kombucha Original
100ml Marie Stella Maris sparkling
1 eatable flower (violet)
1 sprig red berries

Picture and recipe by Crisp.

The Kombu fizz cocktail

40ml cachaca
20ml apricot brandy
25ml lemon juice
15ml sugar syrup
1 egg white

Shake dry, top off with YAYA Kombucha Original or Yuzu. Serve in long drink glass with a lemon twist.

Picture and recipe by Dr. Rotterdam

Frosty The Snowman cocktail

A Gin Fizz cocktail made with Bobby’s Dry Gin and topped off with YAYA Kombucha Citra Hop.

Picture and recipe by Dr. Rotterdam.

Mojito kombucha mocktail

Enjoying the last day of 2019 with a Mojito style mocktail made with YAYA Kombucha.

40ml Seedlip spiced
20ml citric acid
10ml sugar syrup
Citroen melisse
Stir on ice. Topped off with YAYA Kombucha Original

Picture and recipe by Juniper & Kin.

YAYA Kombucha Sling cocktail

45ml Bols Genever 21
30ml Bols Pomegranate
15ml lemon juice
15ml grapefruit juice
Top up YAYA Kombucha Original
Garnish lemon twist

Picture and recipe by @drinksfromamsterdam.

YAYA Kombucha Dark & Stormy cocktail

We just love the combination of Union 55 Spiced & Salted Rum with our kombucha!

50 ml Union 55 Rum
20 ml lemon juice
150 ml YAYA Kombucha Ginger
In een longdrink glas with ice
Garnish with a slice of lemon, mint tip and a couple of dashes Angostura bitters

Picture and recipe by Union 55.

The Junior Assistant Mocktail

kombucha cocktail

30 ML lemon juice
20 ML spicy syrup
10 mint leaves
Top up YAYA Kombucha Original
Garnish Mint Sprig
Shake, cubed ice, on the rocks

Picture by Cocktail Week Amsterdam, recipe by Bar Kantoor.