YAYA Kombucha on national tv!
Last night Tom and Charlotte were featured on the tv show 'BinnesteBuiten' and the episode was viewed by 655.000 people! Chef Alain Caron visited the YAYA Kombucha brewery and learned about kombucha, what it is and how it's made. We then did a small kombucha tasting and finally created a fresh summer fruit bowl using the 'Original' flavour. It was a pretty surreal experience seeing our faces on TV, but overall we're super pleased with the outcome. The fact that now over half a million people know what kombucha is and how we produce it makes it even better. If you've missed the episode, you can stream it here: https://binnenstebuiten.kro-ncrv.nl/fragmenten/kombucha-brouwerij It's in Dutch and you'll need to be in the Netherlands to view the episode.

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