Yaya Kombucha is everywhere

The Horecava, Biobeurs, Biofach, and the Amsterdam Coffee festival was only the beginning. Upcoming weeks you can find us at many more festivals and events. During the 11th till 17th of March we will be the non-alcoholic partner of the Amsterdam Cocktail Week. During the whole week you can get your YAYA Kombucha cocktail at Bar Kantoor and the Spirited Union Distillery. For more info and the program check: https://amsterdamcocktailweek.nl/

But it does not end there. On Saturday the 23th of March the 7th edition of the ‘Open Toren Dag Amsterdam’ will take place. During this day, 21 historical and contemporary towers in Amsterdam will be open to public. Because we fuel the hard working people at the ‘Zuidas’ with our YAYA Kombucha, you can find us there. What’s better than enjoying kombucha with a view! During this day we will be giving workshops on how to transform simple tea into a tasty kombucha. Excited about this and want to join? Registration for the workshop and more information can be found here: https://circl.nl/programma/open-toren-dag

And if you want to enjoy more YAYA Kombucha or have misted us during the other events, no worries, because we will be attending the Avondmarkt Festival on Saturday the 6th of April. During this day the Avondmarkt celebrates its 50 years anniversary. More information on this event will follow, so stay tuned!

Header picture made by Café Martinot

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