Friday 23 August at Aloha: Sunset Movie Night

Every month Aloha Beachclub in Wijk aan Zee organises free movie night in collaboration with a "friend" of Aloha! The movie night in August is made possible by YAYA Kombucha.

Rockford, Illinois is in the heart of the US Rust Belt. Anyone who grows up here faces unemployment and poverty, but three high school friends find an outlet in skateboarding. One of them, Bing Liu, is filming all of their adventures. But he also records how they are abruptly catapulted into adulthood, including shitty jobs, babies and figuring out what it actually means to be a man. Years later, he returns to his hometown to see what has become of his friends.

Debuting director Bing Liu filmed his skate friends for 12 years for Minding the Gap. It resulted in a heartwarming and heartbreaking film about growing up, passion, masculinity and life in the American underclass.

There are bean bags and free popcorn arranged by sponsor Protest, and of course there is YAYA Kombucha for everyone! Will we see you on Friday?

* If the weather is bad, we move the film screening indoors.

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