Team YAYA Kombucha

YAYA Kombucha recently expanded its team with Kevin who will join the team as brewer. Tessa hails from the University of Maastricht where she's doing her final year Master in Health Food Innovation Management (MSc). Below is a Q&A between Tessa and Kevin.


Tessa: How did you end up working at YAYA Kombucha?

Kevin: I used to intern at Mediametic which is a great place to meet many interesting people. I was responsible for the aquaponics which is where met Bertie. He eventually started working for YAYA Kombucha and told me that they were looking for a new brewer. So I decided to take this offer which involved getting trained to become a fully fledged kombucha brewer. Its been a blast so far.

Tessa: You were born and raised in Amsterdam, what's your favourite place to hang out?

Kevin: I'm quite keen on visiting the east side of the city because my buddy lives there. Java Eiland, in particular, is a place I like visiting.

Tessa: As a brewer at YAYA Kombucha you have brewed more kombucha than then most people in the Netherlands. What do you like most about the entire brewing process?

Kevin: As John ‘Hanibal’ Smith once said: “I love it when a plan comes together". I love it when everything is in the tank all mixed together and the flavour balances out perfectly. That's very satisfying.

Tessa: You brew the best kombuchas on 70’s beats. If you could travel back in time, which artist would you want to see live?

Kevin: The Doors! But I’m also very sad that I have never seen David Bowie perform live. Did you know he had hits in every decade?

Tessa: In 2040, you will probably be traveling with SpaceX to Mars. With all the experience you've gained by playing 'Surviving Mars' on your Playstation, what would you advise Elon Musk for setting up his colony?

Kevin: First, make sure there is enough water to be mined. And second, don't smoke a fat blunt on camera before you address your investors.


Kevin: Why did you to do an internship at YAYA Kombucha?

Tessa: As a master student Health Food Innovation Management at Maastricht University (MSc), I was looking for a company to do my graduation internship. I have gained an interest in naturally fermented sodas like water kefir and kombucha through personal experience. I learned more about the different health aspects of these drinks but I found out that there is still very little scientific knowledge about this topic. With the motivation to research the probiotic potential of kombucha, I started looking for a company that produces real kombucha, and that's when I found YAYA Kombucha.

Kevin: What is the best thing in life?

Tessa: Easy. Good craft beer! All good moments start with beer. I am a great fan of craft beers and recently started with brewing my own. Now that I live in Amsterdam, I try to explore the city based on its specialty beer cafés. I can’t wait for summer, because there’s nothing better than enjoying a cold one on the terrace.

Kevin: Do you have a favourite playlist for when you are working here at YAYA Kombucha?

Tessa: I like guilty pleasures and 90’ music so Oldies, in particular, but Goldies is always good. But when I need to focus or work I prefer listening to some more motivational music like “This Unruly Mess I've Made” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Kevin: Imagine, its 30 years from now and you receive a video message (via neural link device) from relatives on Mars. And they're complaining to you because the colony has no tasty drinks. Will you try to send them some kombucha on the next rocket?

Tessa: I will always try to make people enthusiastic for kombucha! Even it means smuggling a bottle of YAYA kombucha to Mars.

Kevin: Since your time here, have you created more fans?

Tessa: When people don't know what fermentation is it can be hard to explain, but as soon as people taste it they all really like it and it becomes easier to explain. This exactly what happened with my boyfriend. As soon as he tasted the YAYA Kombucha Citra Hop, he was sold! Its his current favourite. But now he also wants to work here, but I'm not gonna let that happen :-)

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